Cascade Springs, Heber Valley UT - Post Thanksgiving Magic!

Sometimes my wife has to push me into doing things that I think are a great Idea, but honestly some days I just feel a little bit lazy. Whenever this happens I rarely regret following her lead. 

This Thanksgiving day was one of those times it was a good idea to just go with the flow. 

We spent the day at cascade springs after Thanksgiving meal. Cascade Springs is a large artesian spring, in Heber Valley UT, where mineral deposits from the flowing water have been left behind creating natural terraces and pools of water. It is magnificent! Usually after such a meal I would curl up under the covers in front of a show and enter a food comma. :D This year I was so grateful to get outside and hike around the springs. 

As I stood on the bridge looking up at the water rushing and cascading over the moss laden rocks, everything else went quite. How could something so fierce bring such calm and serenity into my life? The answer was simple for me. I spend so much of my active hours trying to control and manage everything that goes on around me. That is just something I do, and am working relentlessly to undo. Watching the water pounding the rocks, splashing randomly reminded me that I can't control nearly as much as  I am trying to. The rapids of life will rush on, carving ruts in some areas, leaving mineral deposits  behind in others. Yet there is beauty in letting go and letting life be life. My higher power has his hand in all things, and today I say it in the springs.