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We really aren't that special. Just a guy and a girl and a baby who decided to stop letting the fear of failure keep us from living our dreams.

Mikey and I met (as many young people do) while attending school. He was a gym buff with a goofy smile, and I was an art student who used her camera to make friends. It was fateful night gathered around a bonfire with mutual friends. We talked for hours about dreams of traveling and changing the world. After many dates and 2 years of long distance we tied the knot and went back to school so Mikey could finish up his degree (I had graduated at this point)


Things were simple at this point, and we just sort of went with the flow. We knew we had to figure out what we were going to "do with our lives" pretty soon, and ummm... start doing it?

So I became a wedding photographer. I started my own business shooting weddings mainly in California, Utah, and Idaho. Business was great for the most part. I was shooting frequently and getting paid my full fees. I was getting great clients that appreciated my work. My photography was improving with every wedding. Then why did something feel off? Why was I losing steam?


After much thought, I decided that I just did not have the freedom of time that I really wanted. My summers were not mine to enjoy, they belonged to my brides. So when Mikey was home on the weekends, I was away working. And then I was chained to my desk during the week, editing images and albums, answering emails, and marketing my business.


What I needed and wanted was a business that I could largely automate and operate online from anywhere in the world.


Mikey graduated with a degree in psychology, and quickly found that there isn't much out there for those with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Realizing that the piece of paper he worked so hard to earn was essentially worthless, was extremely frustrating and disheartening.

After months of searching, he finally received a job offer from the state of Utah investigating child abuse claims. We were thrilled that he had found a position that would give him a place to grow and make a difference in the world. So we packed up and relocated to Utah. Not long after settling into our new lives, we learned I was pregnant. It felt almost as if we were checking off some life checklist that would turn us into "responsible adults" (What everyone strives to be right?). We just needed to buy a house and then we would be set and ready to fully participate in the game of life.


But of course, life is never that simple, and rarely goes according to plan. After 6 months at this new job, Mikey used our precious vacation days on a “babymoon” (I was 7 months pregnant). We went on a road trip, visited our honeymoon spot in Santa Cruz, saw my family, and drove down highway 1 (one of the most beautiful drives in the world in my opinion).

Upon returning to work, my husband was informed that he had been fired, and was told to pack up and leave. We were in complete shock. His employer gave no reasons for his termination. 

We were no longer insured, had no income, and were about to become parents. It felt like the rug had been pulled out from under us! Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and we realize now that this was exactly what we needed to be shaken loose from the path we were on. Mikey wasn't at all happy at that job, in fact, he dreaded going to work every day. We both felt stuck by that job, but the fear of not having a "stable" income. Now we praise the Lord that Mikey was fired that day. 

That day marked the beginning of a life shift for us. It put us on a quest for something better. Mikey tried multiple jobs, I went through several businesses and "work at home" opportunities, until we came upon a group of entrepreneurs that were leveraging the power of social media ads to market products and services, and make substantial commissions. The best part was that they could automate the daily mundane tasks and make a full time income from part time work! This was the business we had been looking for all along!

Since then, this community of affiliate marketers have become more like a family. We support each other in our goals and receive weekly training from six and seven figure earners that help our businesses grow.

Our online business is allowing us to change our lifestyle so one that we have designed for ourselves. The future is wide open, and we are beyond stoked for the future.


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When it comes to being an awesome human, Mikey DeAngelo wrote the book. He's a husband and father who does his best to put his family first at all times, and not just when it's convenient. Life is a "Go Big, or Go Home" situation to Mikey. He enjoys shooting guns, eating peanut butter, taking siestas, and riding dirt bikes (or anything else with an engine). Some say his hair is so perfectly fluffy, that it even makes unicorns jealous. All we know for sure is, he's an all American dude with big dreams.




Susannah DeAngelo is at the heart of The Full Time Dream Team. She is the inspiration behind our van life and full time traveling. Sooz is a fun loving lady with a passion for doing things all the way! She sees beauty in her surroundings. When you meet her you will instantly feel like you have a new best friend. She loves circus peanuts (and almost any kind of candy or sweet, sugary, substance). Some say if you look into her soul you will be blinded by its brightness. All we know for sure is, she is one free spirited gal on a mission.  




He's everyone's favorite pint sized travel buddy. Harrison DeAngelo has a smile that will melt your heart and a naughty streak the size of Texas. With only a year of life under his belt, this wee babe has changed the world just by being in it (well, our world at least). As the third member of the Full Time Dream Team, we include him on all our adventures and never let his age be an excuse not to travel. We are perhaps more excited by the thought of showing Harrison the world than even really seeing it ourselves. Some say that he learned to fly before he learned to crawl... All we know for sure is he's a banana gobbling munchkin with a big appetite for fun!